Why? How? What?

What we are passionate about and


To fill the world with happy successful people who unite it into a paradise for every single person.


“How can it be, that there are 7 Billion people wanting
the same thing and still are not able to get it?”

– Neale Donald Walsch


Through the right kind of education we
start to understand life and success so we
will join our forces for the greater good.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
– Nelson Mandela


  1. TimeBook Products – Tools for Growth & Success.
  2. TimeBook.Family – Your Partners in success.
  3. TimeBook Ambassadors – Uplifting People’s Lives.
  4. TimeBook Media – Awareness. Inspiration. Unity.
  5. Hall of Inspirers – Human Chain of Mentorships.
  6. Scaling True Excellence – Productivity for teams.
  7. TimeBook Global – Lifestyle Hubs & Conferences.


“Everything we do has to bring more value to the world.
For every book we print, we plant a tree.”

– Mihkel Sepp, Creator of TimeBook


Fun Background Stories

by Mihkel Sepp - Creator of TimeBook

How it all Started

 What the Logo

Coming soon

Mihkel’s Leap Story

If TimeBook would be ...

Who or what would it be and why?

 An Animal

A human

  • Most intelligent animal
  • Shares knowledge
  • Team work beyond comparison
  • Works hard to make life easier

A Celebrity

Richard Branson

  • Strong workethics lead to success
  • Lives fully in every aspect
  • Contributes to a better world
  • Loves life and people

 A Thing

A Computer

  • A tool that helps to succeed
  • Simplifies life and success
  • Delivers valuable information
  • Entertains occasionally

 A Character

Dr. Watson

  • Keeps the hero accountable
  • Supports hero’s growth
  • Intelligent and caring
  • Assists solving problems