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 About Ordering

[expand title=”Where can I order TimeBook?”]
On TimeBook.Life

[expandsub1 title=”On Amazon.com”]
“My First TimeBook – The Start of Good Life”
“Lady’s TimeBook I for one Quarter”
“Gentleman’s TimeBook I for one Quarter”

[expand title=”Which TimeBook should I choose?”]
[expandsub1 title=”It is my first time”]
In this case we recommend either 1.1 “My First TimeBook” or 1.2 “The Starter Kit”
1.1) “My First TimeBook – The Start of Goodlife” is an introductory timebook without any dates and expiry date.

This hardcover book consists of two parts: tools and habits introduction and 28-day challenge.

You can start with this book anytime since it does not include any Dates in it, and so it also makes a perfect gift for someone.

1.2) “Starter Kit” which includes in it:

“My First TimeBook – The Start of Good Life” and
“Gentleman’s TimeBook” or “Lady’s TimeBook” with PU leather covers, four personal development contents (ex. TimeBook I – IV) and calendars for four quarters starting with your chosen quarter (ex. Quarter I 2016). The contents may be delivered with different shipments shortly before new quarters.

[expandsub1 title=”I have studied My First TimeBook”]

2.1) “Gentleman’s TimeBook” or “Lady’s TimeBook” for one quarter with PU Leather Covers, one personal development content (144 pages) and one calendar content (144 pages)

2.2) “Gentleman’s TimeBook” or “Lady’s TimeBook” for one year with PU Leather Covers, four personal development content (4×144 pages) and four calendar content (4×144 pages)

[expandsub1 title=”I already have TimeBook Binder”]

If you already have PU Leather Covers, then you can choose:

3) Just a Content (144 pages) and Calendar (144 pages) Refill
[expand title=”How can I pay?”]
You can pay either with your credit card or PayPal

In some rare occasions, people from the US have not been able to pay with Credit Card due to their bank’s policies.
If this should happen to you, then please use PayPal instead.
[expand title=”What is included in the price?”]
In the price of all products are included:
Shipping cost (worldwide)
VAT (20%)
[expand title=”Can I order it to my country?”]
Yes, we deliver worldwide and the shipping cost is mostly included in the prices of the products.
[expand title=”How much does it cost in my currency?”]
You can choose the currency from the bottom of the page.
[expand title=”When will it arrive?”]
TimeBooks should arrive:
Europe and North America: within 7 days
Australia & Oceania: within 8 days
Asia & Africa: within 12 days
South America and Russia: within 21 days (because of the local customs regulations)
Antarctica: Remains to be seen
(Remote areas may have a longer delivery time)
[expand title=”Can I get a tracking code?”]
Yes you can – please ask for your tracking code from [email protected] .

 About Using

[expand title=”How to mix the Content and Calendar in TimeBook?”]
Video: “TimeBook Hacks: Product Review and Content Mixing – Fellow TimeBooker”

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[expand title=”How to start?”]We recommend, that you would start with “My First TimeBook – The Start of Good Life”.
In the first part it gives you a great overview about all the tools and habits, why and how to use and do them and which legendary people use these tools or have these habits.
In the second part of the introductory TimeBook you will have a 28-challenge to experience the life of a TimeBooker and new great habits.In case you have purchased the starter kit, which includes both “My First TimeBook – The Start of Good Life” and “Lady’s TimeBook” or “Gentleman’s TimeBook”, then we recommend using both of them at the same time.


[expand title=”What does the logo mean?”]
It’s an interesting question. One night the Founder of TimeBook had a vision and woke up, drew it onto paper and there it was. He didn’t know until a year later, that it actually is an endless knot from Tibetan Buddhism, which symbolises the eternal continuum of mind and the intertwining of wisdom and compassion. There are many many interpretations, you can read about in Wikipedia 🙂


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