Business proposal for great TimeBookers

Dear TimeBooker,

Team TimeBook would like to offer you an opportunity
to help your friends to get better and help us to improve more lives.

We have launched an affiliate program to reward goodness
and we would really appreciate your effort to change the World.

Team TimeBook

Why we do what we do:

Team TimeBook Ideology

Aim of Cooperation

What we will achieve together!

  • We help more people to live a fulfilling successful life
  • We grow TimeBook Family – people helping people to succeed
  • We help people achieve successful excellence honourably

Cooperation Proposals

How we could improve lives together!

Proposal 1: Promoter Coupon

We would give you an exclusive discount coupon that gives your followers 5% discount, and you would receive on the turnover 7% Commission.

Customers can order from our website, and we will take care of shipping and everything.

Proposal 2: Agent

You can find us new selling partners and earn on their coupon’s turnover 2% commission.

Let's Get Started

Let's Improve the World

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Looking forward to hearing your ideas and questions
to get started with our magnificent cooperation,

Team TimeBook
[email protected]