Build a Passive Income while Helping Followers Succeed

Collaboration in a Nutshell

Let’s make growth, focus & taking REAL action,
more convenient and enjoyable than watching Netflix.


We are looking for long-term ambassadors who:

☐ either help their audience grow in any area of life or
☐ inspire followers to live a happy and a successful life or
☐ motivate people to get things done and be focused or
☐ talk about business, success or personal development or
☐ want to make true happiness easy for their fans

If one or more of the above is describing you, then this collaboration will probably be meaningful for you.


Are your followers our ideal customers? Do they:

☐ Want to be great Entrepreneurs, Leaders or A-Players
☐ Love entrepreneurship, productivity & growth
☐ Wish to be significant, help others and improve the world
☐ Idolize Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, Elon Musk, Steve Job, Oprah, Warren Buffett, Michelle Obama, Will Smith, Gary Vee, …

If we help similar people then our collaboration will be easy, meaningful and naturally successful.


Rewards & Benefits we offer our partners:

✅ 30% Commissions on E-Products

✅ 20% Commissions on Subscriptions

✅ 10% Commissions on Physical products

✅ Free TimeBook – The Start to the Good Life in golden gift box valued at € 29.97

✅ Best marketing & sales workbooks and tools, that help you increase your incomes.

Will this be motivating & rewarding for you?

If you like WIN-WIN-WIN situations and
feel positive about this collaboration, then

Let’s Partner Up

PS. Possible extra Bonuses for good content:

✅ Get Extra Exposure & Traffic For Free

Best reviews, podcasts and posts about TimeBook will be shared in our network, which will give more exposure and extra income.

✅ Get Your Content Featured & Get New followers

Your channels content will be preferred to other content when we create our future products and we are likely to share your best content on our social media.

What's TimeBook and Do our views Align?

TimeBook in a Sentence

All the best productivity planners, gratitude journals & books for growth combined
to make growth & focus easy, convenient & fun
for entrepreneurs, leaders & a-players.


WHY?! (Our Vision)
We believe in a world where ultimate happiness & true success will come naturally for EVERYONE.

HOW?! (Our Mission)
Everything we do is to fill the world with happy, smart & kind entrepreneurs & leaders who turn life into a paradise for everyone in this universe.

We empower people with skills, habits & mindset, that help them improve the world faster, better, stronger while enjoying their lives to the fullest in health, wealth & relationships.

Do you want to:

1) Help people reach their true potential, ultimate happiness & meaningful success?
2) Help us build a world filled with loving, intelligent & happy people helping each other succeed?
3) Help yourself live your dream life by building another passive income stream that improves everyone’s lives?

Let’s do it together

Let us know on the link above and
one of our awesome team members
will assist you in getting the best possible
results with the most optimal effort.

What can you offer to your followers?



Success Workbooks combined with Productivity Planners for gamified growth & focus.

Products ranging 9.97 € to 107.77 €
with an average purchase of 37 €

Family Membership

Accelerated Growth by belonging into global group of like-minded growers.

Subscription starting from 7.77 €/month.
[Launch April 2019]

 Huge Deals

Initiate a customized collaboration with a company or conference to make a big impact.

Ask your collaboration partner for more details.

Some of the Best Selling Points 


Lessons from the greatest mentors, Engaging worksheets for quick & deep understanding, Calls to action for real life improvement.


Productivity tools that are easy & convenient to use, intentional activities that lead to happiness, daily mini-challenges to motivate expanding your comfort-zone.


Have the freedom to love what you do and do what you love while traveling the world whenever you want with your loved ones without worrying about finances or obligations to be somewhere from 9 to 5.


Be one of the extraordinary minds who figures out how to always strive for win-win-win solutions, whose actions make the world a better place and improve the life-quality for everyone.

Or come up with your own selling points.

Your Activities

We let you decide for the best marketing strategy to help as many people as possible to maximize sales and your earnings.

You can do Reviews, Blog Posts, Facebook Posts, Instagram Stories, Clickfunnels or whatever would work the best on your channels.


Let your imagination flow.

Here are just several examples you can use for inspiration:

Make a Video Review

Youtube Review videos – we will put your video on our Youtube playlist:

We currently don’t have any good video reviews, so you may become the first in queue which would bring you additional exposure 😉

Make a Blog Post

Blog posts – we will feature on our website.

Lady’s Timebook: Daily Motivation & Goal Tracking Journal

Sexy Successful Lifestyle Story


We will support you also with the materials, just ask us 🙂

We and our posts are mostly shared with following Tags

#timebook #bestbook #bestplanner #entrepreneurship and

How you get the money?

The Technical Side

For every customer you bring us, you will be paid your commission.
To add a commission to your affiliate account you have to use one of the two following technical instruments:

Discount Coupon

You will receive a unique discount code to share with your followers, where they get 10% discount. The discount code will be valid forever.

Affiliate Links

Affiliate links that work also without the coupon. You have the freedom to choose how often you use the 10% discount coupon. Without the coupon your earnings are 10% higher.